Vernon Parish schools to make up snow days

By href=""> By Lauren Manary / American Press

LEESVILLE — Vernon Parish students may have gotten some days off to enjoy the snow, but the school system’s top administrator

said at Thursday’s School Board meeting that it’s time to make them up.

Superintendent Jackie Self recommended that students attend class on what had been a staff in-service day, Feb. 14. Vernon

Parish, along with most public school systems in the central and southwest parts of the state, have had three school days

canceled due to snow and icy weather.

Self said he recommended the makeup day

as a pre-emptive measure for potential future poor weather and in the

spirit of maintaining

the school system’s recent success.

“I just feel that the teachers are going to be there already, so that’s a good opportunity for us to make up one of these

days,” Self said.

“If we’re going to stay where we are, we need to do everything we can academically to stay where we are.” The parish is ranked

fourth in the state for district performance score.

No board members opposed Self’s recommendation, which wasn’t put to a vote. “It’s not changing the number of days of school,”

said board President Michael Perkins. “It’s just changing the intent.”