Silently Speaking helps area’s language-challenged individuals to communicate

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Lena Broussard’s business “Silently Speaking” started in July 2004 and has been helping adults and children who may or may

not have Autism, Down Syndrome, Apraxia of Speech and more.

“I use a lot of interactive hands-on

learning from sign cards to games that I design myself for my sessions

and for purchase.

With kids as young as newborn babies and their parents or

relatives,” Broussard said. “Sign Language is amazing because there

are many ways to apply it to our lives. I just thank the Lord that

he has given me the ability to share my gift to help all

those to have a voice.”

What is the difference between teaching children and adults?

The way I approach teaching adult to

child is different with each individual because we all learn

differently. With adults

I have worksheets and handouts and workbooks. Also, I incorporate

games like sign scramble, etc. To help retain what is being

taught usually is better with hands on.

What are your prices?

My prices are as low as $20.00-$60.00

each session. Depending on how the long client would like to have

sessions for. They

can choose to come for sessions once a week to four times. I also

make house sign calls where I will come to them if parents

or relatives feel that client would be more comfortable in a home


Is there a specific situation or experience that stands out in your mind?

Yes, one of my students who came to me when he was 7 years old and now he is 10 years old. He is amazing, very smart. He is

Autistic and after only 3 months of sessions he went and took his eye exam in sign. I was amazed and felt good to be able

to help Seth. He always signs “I love you too” now to those in his family.

What is the biggest obstacle in learning sign language?

Some kids may take longer for me to

discover and reach them so they can learn sign. That is my greatest

obstacle. There are

those with severe disabilities whom are harder to teach. But I

have a lot of patience and have a big heart for kids and their


Business Snapshot

• Location: Silently Speaking is in the process of moving.

Owners: Lena Broussard.

Services provided: Sign language.

Years in Business: 8.

Number of Employees: 1.

Phone: 368-2135.


Company Slogan or Motto: “A voice in sign”