Shreveport bondsman arrested in beating case

SHREVEPORT (AP) — A Shreveport bondsman has been arrested after a man in his custody was brought to jail with injuries.

Sheriff Steve Prator says Gregory Johnson told deputies he was picked up Nov. 2 by bondsman Darren Cowthorn and another man

for failing to make a $400 payment. On the way to jail, Johnson said another man began striking him repeatedly in the face

and head.

Deputies at the jail observed Johnson's injuries and told Cowthorn his prisoner needed a medical evaluation before he could

be booked. Johnson was returned home and sought medical treatment the following day.

Investigators identified the suspect as Cowthorn's cousin, Valandor Cawthorn. Both men turned themselves in Wednesday.

Valandor Cawthorn was booked with

second-degree battery, and Darren Cowthorn was arrested for being an

accessory to second-degree