Scooter’s Postcard: And this rinky-dink backstop

By By Scooter Hobbs / American Press

While we’re at it, another thing that’s wrong with this shiny, new TD Ameritrade Park — the screen behind home plate.

It’s a dinky little thing. You barely notice it’s there.

Rosenblatt had this massive thing that looked like it had been constructed to hold up a medieval cathedral.

Mainly, it was in two parts, separated by an industrial-gauge slab of cable running horizontal across the length of it. The first part ran straight up to the cable, from where the second section slanted back and upwards until it attached to the overhang. Balls would roll up, roll back down and hit the bump in the cable, from where they might bounce anywhere.

Now they hit the screen and fall straight back on the field ... and the most polite fans in the world are denied the age-old CWS tradition of booing the fresh-scrubbed teenage girls who serve as ball girls when they couldn’t catch one of the odd bounces off the infamous bump.