School Board revamps teacher salary schedule

By By Nichole Osinski / American Press

Teachers will now be rated on effectiveness and demand to determine their pay after a new salary schedule was passed by the

Calcasieu Parish School Board.

Previously, teacher pay was based on degrees and experience. The new schedule will place degrees — along with geography, school

need and subject matter — under the demand category for evaluations.

“There are two types of teacher

evaluations: the value-added model, VAM, and the Student Learning

Targets, which is the SLT.

And those have different standards and different (rating)

processes,” said Karl Bruchhaus, the school system’s chief financial


“All the teachers are judged based on their performance ... the scores will determine what category they fall in as far as

their evaluations, and that will dictate their stipend.”

Both the SLT and the VAM determine a teacher’s performance based on how much academic progress students make over a certain

period of time. A teacher is placed in either the category of SLT or VAM depending on what subject they teach.

Teachers rated ineffective in the performance evaluations cannot receive a salary increase for the next school year. But any

increase in a teacher’s salary cannot be made up of more than 50 percent of any of the three rating categories.

“One of the things we wanted to do was make sure that a teacher receives no less than what they’re making right now, and by

doing what we’re doing we’ve complied to the best of our ability with what were supposed to do,” said Superintendent Wayne


“We have built in a supplement for those individuals, for example, who are at a particular area on our new salary schedule

that have starting working on a degree, and we’ve given them a deadline to complete it. And once they’ve completed it they

will be compensated for that.”

The salary schedule is related to the

Compass teacher evaluation system, which began in August. The initial

models proposed

by the state were not cost-effective for the Calcasieu Parish

schools, resulting in several months spent adjusting the schedule

while trying to keep the required mandates, officials said.

“What we’ve tried to do is take into

consideration where our employees are at now and how much money it costs

us to pay employees,”

Savoy said.

“We have projected forward over a

number of years to where the additional costs can be spread out because

this is all reoccurring

and teachers will move through the schedule. We have to be very

conscious of what is reoccurring and what the salary is because

once they reach that point we can’t take that money away.”

For outside teachers coming into the new system, the old salary schedule will be used as an addendum so that they can be plotted

into the new schedule. Teachers who are already in the system will be on the new schedule beginning July 1, 2013.