Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy appoints new principal

By By Ashley Withers / American Press

Charter Schools USA announced Thursday that Pam Quebodeaux, the current principal of Lake Charles Charter Academy, would also serve as the principal of the Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy for the 2012-2013 school year.

They appointed Lorette Bass, the former principal of Fairview Elementary in Lake Charles, as the assistant principal.

“We have used this model before when opening a new school,” said Billie Miller, senior director of education at Charter Schools USA, the company that manages both schools. “Start-up schools typically have a lower enrollment the first year and since the temporary building is so close to the first school, it makes perfect sense. Dr. Pam has done a remarkable job starting our first school, and we know she will do well with the second school. The good part is that both schools will be able to benefit from her background and experience.”

According to Gene Thibodeaux, the president of the Lake Charles Charter Academy Foundation, the entire board was in full support of the decision.

“Our board is very enthusiastic about this new expanded leadership role for Dr. Pam,” Thibodeaux said. “She has proven to be a fantastic leader of our first school and we are expecting great things from her in leading our second school.”