SCT&E applies for DOE's FTA export permit

By By Frank DiCesare / American Press

As the U.S. Department of Energy mulls possible changes to the manner in

which LNG exporting permits are reviewed and approved, the region’s

latest entrant into the market is wasting no time getting its

applications for export filed.     Southern California Telephone &

Energy announced today that officials from their subsidy, SCT&E LNG,

have submitted their application with DOE to export LNG to countries

with whom the United States has a Free Trade Agreement. 

Last month, SCT&E LNG announced

it had acquired more than 230 acres on Monkey Island to build an LNG

plant consisting of four trains capable of producing a combined annual

total of 4 million tons of LNG. Monkey Island is less than three miles

from the Gulf of Mexico.

SCT&E is based in Temecula, a city located about 11⁄2 hours southeast of Los Angeles. Please check back to this site for more updates.