Ryan’s restaurant featured on ‘Undercover Boss’

By By Warren Arceneaux / American Press

Buffets Inc. CEO Anthony Wedo spent time working at the local Ryan’s restaurant, which his company owns, for an episode of

the “Undercover Boss” television series that will air at 7 p.m. today on CBS.

Restaurant manager Ernest Williams is also in the show.

“As a new CEO, I want to learn what the truth is. I think that is a powerful thing that the show does for you,” said Wedo,

who had been in is post six months when filming began in the summer.

“I don’t go into the stores as the CEO; I go as Mike Davis. That gives you a much different reception. People are much more

willing to open up to you — tell you what the real truth is.”

In Lake Charles, Wedo, posing as an

unemployed construction worker, worked as a floor manager and

dishwasher, and at other

locations he was server and cashier. He said he learned a lot

about each job, including how outdated the cash register system

is. Wedo said he plans to spend $3 million to upgrade it.

“But the big learning for me were the personal stories behind our employees — the things they have to deal with in their lives

outside of work,” he said.

“What I want to do now is continue taking care of the families that take care of us — our employees and their families. We

are continuing to work on identifying and helping those families that are in need.”

He said he was awed and humbled by the dedication of the employees he met and that he continues “to follow up with how things

are going with them.” A few company employees will receive prizes on the show.

Wedo said the biggest benefit of going undercover was learning what the company’s needs are.

“As the new guy coming in, trying to reinvent our brand, the thing I need is honest information to understand what to do,”

he said. “I am really happy I did it. I am able to understand exactly where we are in our businesses and how to fix them.”