Long-awaited Ryan Street exit ramp could be done by summer 2015

By By Justin B. Phillips / American Press

Construction on the Ryan Street exit ramp off Interstate 10 is on pace for its estimated completion date of summer 2015.

The multimillion-dollar project is supposed to not only help traffic along I-10, but also benefit the city’s downtown area

through increased accessibility.

Deidra Druilhet, state Department of Transportation and Development spokeswoman, said that over the last few months, the process

has consisted of the appropriate parties completing right-of-way acquisition and utility agreements.

“All right-of-way parcels have been acquired, and all utility agreements have been reached for the proposed Ryan Street exit

ramp,” Druilhet said.

The DOTD said the project, which is being financed with local, state and federal money, will improve connectivity throughout

the area.

“The Ryan Street exit ramp is a $5

million-to-$7.5 million project that will provide a westbound exit ramp

to Ryan Street,

connect the westbound ramp to the north frontage road, and extend

the south frontage road from Lakeshore Drive to Ryan Street,”

Druilhet said.

The project is still on its initial pace, with it being scheduled to go to bid in early 2014.

Construction is expected to start next summer.