Residents eye LNG proposal at open house

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Diane Frank, of Lake Charles, said that as a citizen she needs to find out answers for herself before she can support a project

in her community. Frank joined several residents on Thursday to learn more about Magnolia LNG’s proposed liquefied natural

gas project in Lake Charles.

“I am really excited to see what’s

happening, but I always want to balance that with what we have and what

we’re getting and

where we’re going,” Frank said at the company’s open house. “I

think they have a good reputation, and I think it’s good growth.

But I need to know more so I can have an informed opinion.”

The Australia-based company plans to construct a midscale LNG export facility. The open house, required by the Federal Energy

Regulatory Commission, was held Thursday at Pujo Street Cafe.

“We want to engage the community and explain the project to them,” Ernie Megginson, vice president of project management for

Magnolia LNG, said at the open house.

The facility will be on 108 acres of industrial land leased from the Port of Lake Charles. The site will be accessible by

road, near the intersection of Henry Pugh Boulevard and Big Lake Road.

Bill Rase, executive director at the port, said he was pleased with the turnout at the open house. Several businesses were

there to network with company officials. From architects to contractors, there will be opportunities for local businesses,

Megginson said.

The company will be located on an existing LNG shipping channel. And at full capacity, the plant will consist of four LNG


Magnolia LNG has received approval from FERC to enter pre-filing, which is the first stage of a two-year permitting process.

The pre-file request was approved in March within eight days of submission.

Officials anticipate the project will create 1,000 construction jobs, 45 permanent jobs and 175 indirect jobs. The company

aims to complete construction in 2015 with operations starting in late 2017.