Rachmaninoff concerto to be featured in LC Symphony concert

By By Alex Onken / American Press

The Lake Charles Symphony will perform its first concert of the season Saturday, Sept. 28.

The concert will include Rachmaninoff’s

Piano Concerto No. 3, which was featured in the movie “Shine.” The

piece will be performed

by Erik Lawrence, 21, a Houston native and senior at Rice

University. This will be his first time performing with the Lake

Charles Symphony.

In addition to playing in the Rosa Hart Theater, he will be play at a private home for the symphony’s Discovery Series, which

is geared toward people who may want to experience music in an intimate atmosphere.

“The conductor, Mr. Rattay, contacted my teacher (for potential soloists) and selected my piece,” Lawrence said. “It was a

really lucky thing.”

The Rachmaninoff concerto is notable for being complex.

“It’s one of the hardest,” Lawrence said. “I did it to see if I could get my hands around it, so to speak.

“It took me the whole summer to learn

the notes and then a year after that to polish it, so it’s taken quite a

while,” he

said. “My piano teacher’s been telling me that I’ve been

practicing too much. I need to gain my inspiration elsewhere to polish

it. You have to take steps back to read books, talk to people and

go to concerts.”

When Lawrence isn’t perfecting his craft, he enjoys listening to classical music, swing, jazz, bossa nova and a little pop.

For more information on the Discovery Series and the Lake Charles Symphony, call 433-1611 or email info@lcsymphony.com.