Project bids within sight for Vinton

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

VINTON — Mayor Kenny Stinson said he hopes by next month the town will be able to go solicit bids for its street-paving project.

Stinson said the cooperative endeavor agreement for the project has been sent back to the state.

“Plans are ready to go to the state to be reviewed … it’s a two-week time frame,” he said. “I’m hoping by next month we can

go out for bids on the project.”

If the state gives the go-ahead before the next council meeting, Stinson said he will call a special meeting.

Vinton received $442,500 from the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and $200,000 from the state.

Streets included in the overlay plan are Loree Street from Horridge Street to Gum Cove Road; East Street from Nichols to Short

Street; and Eddy Street from Mills to Short Street.

The town will fund about $205,000 of the project with money it has accumulated in an account designated for street projects.

Stinson said that although the process has been a long one, town officials “have done everything we can do to get this project


“It’s taking a really long time and it’s frustrating … for us, for people in town,” council member Bliss Bujard said.

“We have gotten approved for this grant, and we are dedicated to spend this money.”

Councilman Paul Patin said he wants Vinton residents to know that town officials are working to get the project started. “It’s

not that we are dragging our feet on anything,” he said. “We’re working on it.”