Port of Lake Charles votes to allow $5 million in dredging work

By By John Guidroz / American Press

Lake Charles Port Board members on Tuesday allowed Port Director Bill Rase to enter into a contract for up to $5 million in

dredging work at Bulk Terminal No. 1 and the City Docks.

Rase told the board during a special meeting that the Army Corps of Engineers has agreed to release a dredging machine already

being used in the Calcasieu Ship Channel. He said the dredging work should be done “over next couple of weeks.”

“It’s somewhat cheaper to take that dredge and use it than to have someone charge a full (mobilization) and (demobilization)

for another dredge to come into the channel,” Rase said.

Several docks were recently identified as needing maintenance dredging to get them to the proper depth, according to Rase.

BT-1, one of the port’s busiest docks, should be dredged at 40 feet, he said.

“It’s important because of the vessels that (use) the City Docks and the BT-1 area that they have the proper depth so they

can load the amount of cargo they are scheduled to pick up,” Rase said. “We’re going to go ahead and do all of our docks,

not just the ones that are bad.”

Rase said the port has about $2 million in its dredging fund. He said the $5 million limit will ensure all of the docks are

dredged to the required depth.