Plans moving forward for Sulphur property

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

The city of Sulphur has begun moving forward in its conversion of the former Old Tyme Variety store into a judicial center.

Mayor Chris Duncan said the transformation of the store, located at the corner of Cypress and Ruth Streets, will be a “slow

moving process to have the least impact in costs for the residents of Sulphur.”

He said he gave a set of blueprints of the building as it currently is to Judge Charles Schrumpf and City Marshal Billy Guidry

to put their “wish list designs” on paper.

Schrumpf and Guidry will have their plans for the building back to Duncan by Jan. 15, he said.

“I have a design in mind but I wanted to see what they have in mind as well. I will compare their plans with the ones I have

made,” Duncan said. “Then we will get together and come up with a compromise plan.”

The next phase of the process

, he said, will be bringing the plan before the city council to seek approval for the city to hire an architect.

He said through this process the city will come up with an approximate cost on the project.

The council approved the $475,000 purchase of the store in January after it closed following nearly two decades of business.

The city’s plan for the 12,000-square-foot building is to house offices for Schrumpf and Guidry.

Duncan said the city will seek funding from the Police Jury for the project as well as use funds from Schrumpf’s building


He said Guidry will be providing the “security side of it.” The city will fund the remainder of the cost.

The current courthouse is 6,000 square feet with one holding cell; the move will also allow for additional holding cells.