Plans in works for Westlake’s crumbling police station

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

Westlake’s police station, at 701 Johnson St., is “just really old and falling apart,” and city officials plan to find money

to build a new one, said Mayor Dan Cupit.

“The facility has termite problems and roof problems, and we can’t just keep patching them up, although that’s what we’re

doing now,” he said.

“We keep repairing this building and trying to keep it in the best condition we can. But these are problems we continually

face, and it’s time to do what we have to do to move forward with a new facility.”

Cupit said the City Council’s attention had been centered on the golf course clubhouse, but it has now turned to a new police


Plans were made three to four years ago to build a new station, he said, but when the project was put out for bid it came

back overbudget.

“Since that time, we have been trying to work on securing funding that will help us get this up and running,” he said. “Lack

of funding is our major hold-back right now with going through with our plans.”

Cupit said plans are to build a new station on Mulberry Street, between City Hall and the post office. He said the location

has already been designated for a new facility.

“We have a plan in place right now to go out and try and secure some grants and funding,” he said. “We are reaching out and

seeing what is available to us that we could possibly get to use for this project.”

Cupit said he and Police Chief Michael Dickerson have been “working hard” to get assistance and obtain grants to fund the

project. He said the goal is to have “dollars pinned down” by the end of the fiscal year — June 30.

“This gives us six months to try and secure funding, and everyone is working to get that done by then,” he said. “We are hopeful

that this will happen. Everything is ready to go except the money.”