Local artist is a "one man band"

By By Alex Onken / American Press

Kory Fontenot plays with several local bands, but he doesn’t mind going it alone.

With only a kick drum, high hat, guitar and harmonica — and sometimes a kazoo — he puts on a one-man show.

“One day, a long time ago, I was sitting at a friend’s house, and he had an electronic drum set,” Fontenot said.

“I grabbed his electric guitar and started playing. Later at my house, I just started toying with this, and next thing I knew

I had enough for a show.”

Fontenot was brought up in a musical

family. His mother played mandolin and guitar, and his uncles played in

local bars. Fontenot

started taking piano lessons at age 12, and not too much later he

started playing the organ at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church.

He said he’s influenced by the bands he’s played with, including Streetside Jazz Band, Lingus and The Loaded 44rz, which just

released a CD.

When he’s not playing music in a band or on his own, he teaches music lessons.

“I like to think of myself as a starter kit,” he said. “I’ll show someone something on the guitar and then the same thing

on the piano. I had a wide interest in different instruments, and still do.”

Online: www.facebook.com/kory.fontenot.1.