Northrop Grumman announces 80 job openings at Lake Charles facility

By By John Guidroz / American Press

Northrop Grumman’s Lake Charles

Maintenance and Modification Center is looking to hire at least 80

people by January to help

perform additional maintenance on aircraft refueling tankers known

as the KC-10 Extender, site director Marty Thompson said


“The (maintenance) work is changing,” Thompson said after speaking to Lake Charles Rotary Club members. “For the next two

years, starting in January, we will basically be doing double the work that we’re doing now.”

Major inspections are done every two years on the KC-10 planes, Thompson said. Workers at the Lake Charles site have performed

maintenance on the aircraft since 2009.

“It’s (like) you taking your car and every 25,000 miles they say go flush the transmission,” Thompson said. “Airplanes are

the same way. The things that you look at change over time.”

Thompson said the company will likely

interview students who complete an apprenticeship program that Sowela

Technical Community

College started Monday. He said Northrop Grumman officials have

also visited schools in Lafayette that offer technical training.

“Our first focus is to find local

workers because there are a lot of talented folks here who can do the

work,” Thompson said.

“We’ve had issues in the past when you bring in people from

outside the local area who are just not embedded into the local

area the way you might want.”

Northrop Grumman’s Lake Charles site now has about 530 employees and an additional 200 workers contracted from other companies,

according to Thompson.

The Lake Charles facility is housed on 933,000 square feet of land owned by the Chennault International Airport Authority.

According to the Northrop Grumman website, the KC-10 Extender is “the largest tanker in the world” and provides nearly half

of all aerial refueling for military in Afghanistan.