New measure may curb speeds on West Prien Lake Road

By By Eric Cormier / American Press

Residents living along West Prien Lake Road between Cove Lane and Sale Road may see the speed limit decrease.

District G City Councilman Mark Eckard is sponsoring a measure to have the limit dropped from 45 to 35 mph.

After residents complained of motorists driving at high speeds on the two-lane stretch of road, Eckard asked City Hall to

conduct a traffic study.

“The results showed that people drive above the speed limit there. Several readings had motorists driving over 70 mph,” Eckard


The road has open ditches and is used by boat owners. Eckard believes those factors make the road hazardous. “I’m surprised

a severe accident hasn’t occurred there,” he said.

Eckard wants the speed limit dropped, too, because major construction on Interstate 210 will warrant it. He said work crews

could be put in danger at the Cove Lane exit if the speed limit is not reduced.

“All we are asking for is for the speed limit to be the same as it is on Holly Hill Road,” he said.

Lake Charles Deputy Police Chief Mark Kraus said whatever speed limit the City Council chooses, police will enforce. “Our

goal regarding the public and governmental arena is safety,” he said. “Public safety is our primary concern.”

Speed limit studies are done to determine what limits should be placed on motorists.

Kraus said speed limits are not reduced just because. “You can never be too safe,” he said. “Who is going to argue against

another layer of protection?”

The council will vote on the speed limit change in March.