New lens can eliminate need for bifocals in cataracts patients

By By Warren Arceneaux / American Press

A new premium lens for cataracts patients can solve two problems at once, clearing vision and eliminating the need to wear

bifocals, said ophthalmologist Dr. Jon Yokubaitis of The Eye Clinic.

To treat cataracts, which cloud vision,

doctors remove the eye lens and replace it with implants, which can

correct nearsightedness,

farsightedness and even astigmatism, a condition characterized by a

misshapen eye.

The latest advancement will allow people requiring bifocal prescriptions to get multifocal lenses, meaning they can do without

glasses, Yokubaitis said.

“Astigmatism implants, like the standard implants, are monofocal, or single-focus implants, which means that they can help

you see at one point, whether it be near or far,” he said.

“Older folks need bifocals. Now, for those people we have multifocal implants, so we can pick and choose the one best suited

for the person.”

He said doctors expect to soon see lenses that are multifocal and can correct astigmatism, “possibly next month in New Orleans

at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting.”

“It is a bit of lagniappe, but it

is a very nice bonus. The primary reason for getting rid of cataracts

is to get rid of the cloudiness and the glare,” Yokubaitis


“But it is nice to be able to correct the need for glasses at the same time. It is like having cataracts and LASIK surgery

at the same time.”

Yokubaitis will discuss cataracts surgery and treatment at a free seminar at noon Monday, Oct. 28, in The Eye Clinic, 1717

Oak Park Blvd.

For more information, call 478-3810 or 800-826-5223. Lunch will be provided; seating is limited.