New charter school for Lake Charles area gets approval

By By Nichole Osinski / American Press

Plans to open a new charter school for grades 9-12 in Lake Charles have been approved, according to a news release issued

by the Lake Charles Charter Academy Foundation Inc. The school, which will house 1,200 students, was approved by the State

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Lake Charles Charter Academy Foundation Board of Trustees plan to open for ninth-grade students in fall 2014 with 10th, 11th

and 12th grades being added afterward. A location for the school has not yet been selected.

“We are so grateful that students who

have successfully completed their K-8 education at our schools will have

the opportunity

for a natural progression to the same high quality level of

education to which they have become accustomed,” said Judge Gene

Thibodeaux, president of the Lake Charles Charter Foundation Inc.

in a statement issued Friday. “We look forward to continuing

the great work we have accomplished that encourages high

performance throughout the entire school experience.”

The board of trustees has chosen a site

on the corner of Ham Reid Road and Weaver Road for a new Southwest

Louisiana Charter

Academy facility. Construction of the facility is planned for the

first quarter for 2013 with completion set for the fall.

A temporary facility currently hosts classes for students. Grades

K-6 are currently enrolled in the Southwest Louisiana Charter

Academy and seventh and eighth grades will be added to enrollment

in the following years.

“We are so pleased to work with our

board to bring another high quality school to Lake Charles,” said

Richard Page, vice president

of development for Charter Schools USA in a news release issued

Friday. “Our early successes have proven that every child

can learn and when given the right educational environment,

students will thrive.”