New Orleans still paying electric bill for cameras from junked program

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The city of New Orleans has been paying $14 a month per crime camera for a total of 359 cameras that are

still wired for electricity. Very few if any of the cameras are still working.

WWL-TV reported that

Mayor Mitch Landrieu junked the camera program in 2010. It was started

by Mayor

Ray Nagin. Landrieu said the program was expensive, costing as

much as $10 million over roughly seven years, with few results.

Prosecutors made only a handful of cases, at best, with evidence

taken from the cameras.

Since the program was ended by Landrieu, the cameras have since sat stagnant. No one monitored them. No one took them down.

And no one turned off the electricity.

The city has paid more than $59,000 a year.