Multiple arrests made in connection with incident at Broad Street gas station

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A store manager, a clerk and a suspected shoplifter have been charged with attempted second-degree murder following a fight at a Broad Street convenience store Sunday night, city police said.

Amirik Thind, the manager, and Dilrajpal Singh chased Matthew Taylor Simien into the parking lot after he shoplifted from the More-4-Less at 1407 Broad St., Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said Monday in a news release.

Thind, 39, and Singh, 24, confronted Simien and Quincy Paul Landry, both 19, resulting in a fight that left Landry beaten unconscious, Thind shot and cut with a machete and Singh cut with a machete.

Kraus said Landry pointed a gun at Thind and Singh, both of 13 Mulberry Road, Sulphur, as they were

hitting Simien with their fists. Singh then picked up a “large wooden stick” and struck Landry in the head, knocking him unconscious, Kraus said.

“Simien struck Singh and Thind with a machete while Thind (continued to use) the wooden stick to strike the unconscious and defenseless Landry,” Kraus said. “Simien then picked up Landry’s gun and shot Thind.”

Simien, 2645 Opelousas St., brought the machete with him to the store, Kraus said.

Landry, who is in ICU at a local hospital, is thought to have been part of the theft but has not been charged, Kraus said.

Simien has also been charged with shoplifting. Judge Michael Canaday set his bond at $451,000.

Canaday set the bind for Thind and Singh at $300,000 each.