Mother and son to open show at Imperial Calcasieu Museum

By By Alex Onken / American Press

Artists Sally and Ned Cappel — mother and son — will open their show, “Images – Real & Imagined,” on Friday, Nov. 15, in the

Gibson Barham Gallery at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum.

“He’s always been a painter since he was tiny,” said Sally Cappel of her son. “I’m not surprised this is how it ended up,

even though he did a lot of other things like going to medical school for three years.”

Ned was born in the Lake Area. Sally is originally from Alexandria.

“It’s just something I loved to do, all my life,” she said of her art experience. “I’ve done it on and off throughout my life

with interruptions.”

Sally Cappel’s exhibited works in the show are landscapes — both real and imaginary — that were inspired by both the Lake

Area and the southwestern United States, particularly New Mexico.

She originally visited the state during a trip she took with her husband decades ago.

“We ended up in this town called Taos, and I just had this epiphany that I was going to end up back here again,” she said.

“The perspective in the mountains is spectacular because of all the many different layers. Here it’s so flat but we have such

great sky and water, and reflection. We have such fabulous trees; the cypress and swamps are just beautiful.

“I don’t get to New Mexico much but I dream about it.”

Ned Cappel, on the other hand, paints completely on commission.

His works in the exhibit are exclusive pieces he painted for other people.

“I enjoy the speed, to just go one at a time (when painting),” he said.

“I’m just the opposite,” said his mother. “I don’t work unless I’m working on at least three at the time. I’ve learned I tend

to overwork when I’m just working on one.”

“We operate very differently, everything about how we paint is different. I paint late at night, and he uses natural light

only. I paint with whatever light I can find. It’s great fun to have him doing this.”

The show will run through Jan. 4.