"More Faster Backwards" author to speak at Central Library

By By Alex Onken / American Press

Christine Smith and husband Jeffrey will talk about Christine’s memoir, “More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B,” at 3

p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27, in Central Library,

The book, published by Old Heavy Duty Publishing, is about the years the couple spent refurbishing a wooden boat that was

built in 1929.

“The whole story goes back and forth

between the rebuild and the trip we did up to Alaska,” said Christine

Smith. “That was

in 2006, and that was our very first season, and we were heading

to Alaska for the very first time to pick up our very first

passengers ... . Now, we’re on our eighth season, and we’re having

a good time doing it.”

After being encouraged by several of

her guests to document her travels, Christine, during the off season,

wrote out their

story, going through travel logs and looking at thousands of

pictures documenting the rebuild of the boat. She recently won

an award from Chanticleer Book Reviews, in the category of


“It was really emotional for me,” she said on writing the book.

Restoring the David B took the Smiths

more than eight years, and since then has prospered as a business,

traveling where large

cruise ships cannot go. The David B’s home port is Bellingham,

Wash., about an hour north of Seattle. The ship travels through

Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Ketchikan, Alaska, and various

points on the Canadian-Alaskan coast. Travelers have the

opportunity to hike, observe nature and kayak while traveling on

the David B.

“It’s a very intimate experience where you get to know the other people on board. We only take six passengers. It’s just usually

me and Jeffrey. Because of that, we can see what people want to do.”

While Jeffrey mans the helm, Christine works below deck as the ship’s chef.

“I do all the cooking on the trips,” Christine said. “The cooking is on a firewood stove, and the food is from scratch. I

do all my baking; I make croissants by hand. I like treating everyone to what I think is good food.”

This will be the couple’s second trip to Lake Charles.

For more information on the talk, call the library at 721-7116.

Online: www.morefasterbackwards.com; www.calcasieulibrary.org.