The Artisan's Gallery to host Midsummer Show at Central School

By By Emily Fontenot / American Press

The Artisan’s Gallery, a selective group of Gulf Coast artists, will showcase their artwork during their first Midsummer Show

at Central School.

The show will open with a reception Friday, June 20 and run through Friday, July 25. Admission is free and open to the public

Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The Artisan’s Gallery will exhibit a variety of artistic styles ranging from painting and

photography to basket making, ceramics and fiber art.

“There are a couple of artists that use

South Louisiana themes and wildlife and fishing images,” publicity

chair Adley Cormier

said. “There are others that have a little bit more of an urban

edge to them, which are more expressionist pieces. It’s not

a one-style show. You’re going to have pieces in there that are

very traditional all the way to modern edgy pieces.”

Viewers will be able to purchase

artwork by contacting the artist directly. Each piece will list the

artist’s information

to give buyers the opportunity to call and express interest.

Prices range from around $40-$400 depending on medium and style.

“It gives you an opportunity to speak with the artists to kind of understand how the piece came into play,” Cormier said.

“Some folks don’t realize that great art can be created right here in Lake Charles and that you can actually connect with

the person who created the art instead of something that was mass produced somewhere else.”

Cormier has 30 years of experience promoting non-profit organizations in the Lake Charles area. He is working to promote the

Midsummer Show along with his wife, Melinda Antoon Cormier, one of the founding members of the Artisan’s Gallery.

“You don’t have to go to the Dallas gallery or Santa Fe gallery or to San Francisco or New York gallery to buy art,” he said.

“You can actually be exposed to a very high quality of extremely world-class art right here in Southwest Louisiana.”

Founded in 1996, the Artisan’s Gallery is made up of over 30 regional artists who showcase their artwork locally. Many artists

work on commission or teach in the public school system and on the university level.

The group will be wrapping up their

spring show at the 1911 Historic City Hall before preparing for the

Midsummer Show at

Central School. Cormier said the summer art show will provide the

opportunity for the art community to grow during a normally

low-traffic season for the local arts.

“The art shows bring the art, the artist and the consumer of art all together in one spot so you can have a 3-D experience

of what art means,” Cormier said. “You can see the meaning in the piece in front of you, not just reduced to pixels.”