McNeese star safety Bronson to undergo more tests

By By Alex Hickey / American Press

The good news on Malcolm Bronson is that there is still no definitive news.

McNeese State’s senior safety will

undergo more tests to determine if any ligaments were torn when he was

injured in Saturday’s

35-21 win at Weber State, meaning Cowboys head coach Matt Viator

won’t have a clear read on his status until later this week.

“On the injury front, we don’t know a whole lot,” Viator said. “We do have Livingston Hamilton, a backup safety, who had an

X-ray, who will be out.

“We have some kids getting looked at right now with MRIs and all that good stuff, but right now we don’t really know anything about it.”

Bronson’s injury may be the one giving Cowboys fans the biggest scare, but he was far from being the only player banged up

against the physical Wildcats. Running back Marcus Wiltz, special teamer Dillon Berlin, linebacker Joe Narcisse and tight end Josh Jordan were among the wounded.

The Cowboys hope at least some players

from that group are ready to play in Saturday’s Southland Conference

opener at Southeastern


“I’ve always thought that health and confidence are the two things (you need) when you get into conference,” Viator said.

“In the confidence level, we’re very good. I’ll have to see about the health.”

The Lions and Cowboys are certainly coming from different directions in terms of confidence, with SLU searching for its first

win under new coach Ron Roberts and McNeese riding a six-game winning streak that dates to last season.

As Viator noted, the health portion of that equation might not be known until just before game time.

If Bronson is replaced in the starting lineup, whether short term or long term, at least Viator gets to stay in the same gene


Bronson’s backup is his younger brother

Ryan, who played most of the second half at Weber State. Following in

Malcolm’s footsteps

is something he has done since birth.

“It’s a little bit easier because I’ve always been paying attention to him,” Ryan said. “We’ve always been close. I’ve always

had better insight or information from him. He can help me if I take a bad angle or miss a tackle. He knows what to say.”