McNeese Student Innovation Center grand opening Feb. 12

By Special to the American Press

The grand opening of the McNeese State University Student Innovation Center will be at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, in the

SEED Center, 4310 Ryan St.

The innovation center’s vision is to

inspire creativity, encourage student exploration of new frontiers and

stimulate economic

development, according to Janet Woolman, executive director of

economic development and the Louisiana Environmental Research

Center at McNeese.

McNeese is one of two universities in the nation that offer courses in the innovation engineering management system, which

teaches students how to refine ideas, communicate the benefit and credibility of a concept, and create working prototypes.

“These unique courses are designed to

help students learn new thinking skills that will help them create,

communicate and

commercialize meaningfully unique ideas,” Woolman said. “The

innovation coursework is open to any student from any discipline

interested in learning how to create ideas, collaborate and

explore new concepts.”

The innovation center is in three rooms on the first floor of the SEED Center and features a lab, business incubation studio

and classrooms.

Woolman said students use the lab to brainstorm, test theories and create solutions, while the incubation studio offers students

space, technology and tools to transform their ideas into new businesses.

“This includes the use of Apple technology, human computer interaction hardware, gaming and app development devices, digital

advertisement creation and much more,” she said.