McNeese Economics Day focuses on international business

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

International business was the topic at McNeese State University’s Economics Day conference Wednesday. The daylong event was

a platform for business leaders to share their experiences with students and the public.

Bill Dore, of William Dore Enterprises, said students at McNeese will be surrounded by job opportunities once they graduate.

“Everything here seems to be moving,” Dore said. “There is a lot of job creation going on in Lake Charles.”

The event was designed to raise

awareness of supply and demand in the 21st century; introduce new market

ideas; and provide

the campus and community with more avenues to network and build

partnerships both locally and globally, said Tracy McLemore,

director of McNeese’s Ann Rosteet Hurley Center for Economic


John Brown, founder and chairman of Dallas-based Zion Oil & Gas Inc., was the keynote speaker. Brown shared his experiences

of conducting business in Israel. Brown founded Zion in 2000. The company has three onshore exploration licenses covering

about 218,000 acres.

Brown said he was inspired by key passages in the Bible and by his love for Israel.

“I took all my money and invested in Israel,” Brown said. “I believe in the people, and I believe it is our destiny to walk

with Israel through these hard times.”

Mayor Randy Roach said that besides the economics of international trade, there is importance in the human factor. “Trade

is trade,” he said. “But it is all about people.”