McKeel gets life for rape of 94-year-old DeQuincy woman

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A man convicted of raping a 94-year-old DeQuincy woman was sentenced Friday to life in prison.

Gabe McKeel, 49, was found guilty in February of aggravated rape, aggravated burglary and second-degree battery for the 2012

rape and beating of the woman.

Fourteenth Judicial District Court

Judge Ron Ware sentenced McKeel to the maximum term allowed on all three

charges ­— life

without parole for aggravated rape, 30 years to run consecutive on

the charge of aggravated burglary, and five years to run

concurrent on the charge of second-degree battery.

“I can’t believe these things happened, but they did,” Ware told the court in handing down the sentence.

The victim’s nephew spoke, thanking the court and DeQuincy police for upholding the woman’s dignity throughout the ordeal.

He said his aunt, now 95, is doing well.

Asked by Ware if he wished to speak, McKeel said, “No.” Ware later addressed him directly: “Mr. McKeel, I gain no pleasure

in doing this, but the law requires it, and I think it’s appropriate.”

McKeel was a repeat offender, having been charged with felonies on three previous occasions, prosecutor Cynthia Killingsworth


“I think it’s justified,” said DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan, who was in court to hear the sentence read. “I thank the D.A.

(John DeRosier) and Cynthia for trying the case, and I’m proud of the DeQuincy Police Department for the job they did. We

don’t need these kinds of people on the streets.”