Local woodsmith specializes in residential cabinetry

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Rocky Harrington’s desire to design and love of woodwork led him to open his business, Woodworking by Rocky, six years ago.

Harrington specializes in residential cabinetry, which is one of the “most detailed of all woodworking,” Harrington said.

Through his business, he also offer

laminates countertops, installs base and crown molding, builds fireplace

mantels and installs

passage doors.

He will even hang, tape and float drywall, while offering full painting of walls and trim.

What are the newest features in woodworking in homes today?

Some new features in cabinetry are soft

close or anti-slam drawers and doors. Closing a drawer or door, about

one inch before

it reaches the cabinet it immediately slows down and eases shut

without the noise associated with doors slamming. All of my

cabinets come standard with this feature.

What is the most popular wood you use?

My most popular wood for paint grade cabinetry is European Beech. My most popular stain grade wood is Red Oak.

What sets your services apart from home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot?

After speaking with the customer, I go

to their home and design their cabinetry on my computer program. I work


through the design process whether it is an entertainment center

or a kitchen. I also design to the half millimeter increment

where as a lot of box stores will design cabinets in 1-3 inch


This means that where a wall space is not an increment of the cabinet there will be up to a 2 7/8” filler to make up for the

cabinet being too short where as my cabinet will utilize the entire wall space.

What is a common custom-made feature you design that stands out? How do you make it?

My standard drawer in which I build in

house features dovetail joints and 1/2” captured drawer bottoms. I also

build my cabinet

doors in house. I build them a full 13/16” thick and my frame

members are a full 2 1/2” wide for a stronger and well defined

door. My profile cutter heads have an integrated eased edge around

the center panel to allow lacquer to flow deep in the groove

so any contraction of the door later on will not leave an

unfinished edge. It also allows me not to use caulk for my painted

doors for a crisp shadow line.

What are common prices you charge for specific services?

All pricing is job specific. I inform the customer what is the most efficient way to build something so as to get most bang

for the buck. Although, if cosmetic desires supersede efficiency then we can focus on that.

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Business Snapshot

• Location: Holmwood.

Owner: Rocky Harrington.

• Services provided: Cabinetmaker, Trim carpenter, drywall and painting.

Hours: Monday - Saturday.

Years in Business: 6.

Number of Employees: 1.

Phone: 794-3050.

Email: rockyharrington@yahoo.com

Website: woodworkingbyrocky.com