Local gun advocate calls gun control proposals ‘scary’

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A local gun advocate described President Barack Obama’s calls for gun control as “scary.” Obama on Wednesday unveiled a $500

million plan to strengthen gun laws.

Jason Wilbur, state organizer of Guns Across America, said he wasn’t shocked to hear the proposals.

He said his group is planning rallies at state capitals across the country on Saturday.

“The biggest reason we’re holding this

rally right now is to voice our opinion that we’re not going to stand by

and let the

Constitution be changed because of our government,” Wilbur said.

“It’s scary to think that my kids are going to grow up and

not have the same freedoms I had.”

Included in the president’s proposal

are calls for more comprehensive background checks and a renewal of the

ban on military-style

assault rifles, which lasted from 1994 to 2004.

While he doesn’t believe that a ban on assault rifles will have the desired effect, Wilbur said he can “absolutely” understand

having background checks.

But whether further background checks are needed “is difficult to say. We’re trying to punish the majority of law-abiding

citizens for that few who don’t follow the rules.

“Does something need to be done? I’m not saying it doesn’t, but why punish everybody else.”

Obama’s plan also suggested putting 1,000 police officers in schools. Wilbur said officers in schools is a necessary step.

“These people who haven’t been around guns their whole life are freaking out about having cops in schools,” he said. “We have

security guards all over the place, malls, all kinds of public places. I don’t see why people are so offended about that.”

He said that would “definitely deter more people from shooting up a school.”