Flamethrowers to headline at Live at the Lakefront

By By Warren Arceneaux / American Press

Things will get loud downtown this weekend when the Flamethrowers take the stage for the Live at the Lakefront concert series.

The Lake Charles-based band will headline this week’s concert. The Loaded 44rz will be the opening act. The concert will be

held at 6 p.m. at the Lakefront Promenade.

The band tours throughout the Gulf coast.

“We’ve been holding it down, getting ready for the Spring Break season, which we just entered into last week at Pensacola

Beach,” Darbonne said.

“It is starting to get rather crazy. Other than that, we have done a few local shows, which we are excited about because we

are out of town too much. Our circuit is generally Florida beach clubs, casinos here and there, a regular gig at the Beau

Rivage in Biloxi. Next month we are hitting the Panama City spring break, which is a little nuts.”

The band is made up of Darbonne, Logan Fontenot on lead guitar vocals, Dominique Meyer on vocals, Wesley Royer on keyboard,

Chad Townsend on percussion and Taylor Lee on bass.

“The band was started by Judd Norman during his freshman year at LSU in 2004,” Darbonne said. “He was in the band until April

of last year. We would not be where we are without the Norman family, Judd, his brother and dad.”

All members of the band are from Lake Charles and Darbonne said the band is hoping to play more local gigs.


don’t play close to home enough,” he said. “Luckily, we have a lot of

friends who are getting married who insist that

we play there. OB’s and Luna’s have been good to us. It is 100

percent enjoyment when we play here, we get to see our friends,

we recognize everyone’s face in the crowd and entertain them all

the same. It is a better energy. Our friends run these places.

We play, a lot of people go and everyone wins. We are looking for

more and doing a few charity fundraisers. We are doing Boogaloo

for the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, the St. Nicholas Center For

Autism benefit and the American Cancer Society benefit in August.”

Flamethrowers shows tend to last a while and feature a wide variety of tunes.


shows are 3-4 hours long,” Darbonne said. “We have a lot of music, all

cover music. We always switch it up. When we play

here, we play more of what we feel like playing. We are more

likely to fiddle around and jam here, have more bass and drum

solos. The stuff we play spans six decades, everything from Jackie

Wilson to Hendrix to Hall and Oates to Metallica to Kings

of Leon and Red Hot Chili Peppers. We are particular with the

songs we play. We will not play any Top 40. Most of that is

too fleeting and not up to stuff. We play the alternative

standards, I guess you would call it.”

Darbonne said chemistry is one of the band’s strengths.

“The best part of it is that we are all very tight,” he said.


of us together are a good group, we spend most of our time together

laughing. Dominique and I were recently engaged.

When Judd left the band to pursue other interests, a tenor-singing

bass player was hard to come by and we had gigs on the

books, so we replaced him with two people, a really solid bass

player and a girl singer. Now that she is in the band, it takes

the focus off of me as far as being a front man. I very much

appreciate that. She is very good. She is the most popular member

within the band.”

The Loaded 44rz sound blends pop, rock, country and punk.

The group is made up of Loren Cooper, Troy Dering, drummer Kory Fontenot and bassist Steve Dufrene.

For more information on Live at the Lakefront, visit www.facebook.com/ArtsCouncilSWLA or call the Arts Council at 439-2787.