Drawing fashion, drawing faces

By By Alex Onken / American Press

Ledoux, a local artist, is teaching art lessons at the Central School Arts and Humanities Center every Wednesday morning at

10. Classes will focus on portraiture and fashion illustrations. Classes are open to the public.

“They will learn how to put themselves in the art,” Ledoux said. “Like, for myself, when I started doing any kind of art,

I felt married to it.”

Students will learn how to frame the face, identify facial landmarks and how to draw hair. Technique-wise, students will learn

how to hold a pencil for drawing and creating shadings, and how to use shadings to accent the face.

“There are certain characteristics of the face, that once you’ve learned how to do them, it’s very easy to catch up and pass

the person teaching.”

Ledoux will also focus on fashion illustrations as an art form.

“They’ll learn the difference between a standard body versus a fashion body. Fashion bodies are a little taller, and a little

longer,” he said. “Even if we’re not as thin, we’re still a little longer.”

Ledoux, who was born in Lake Charles, moved to California in 1956, when he was 7 years old. He first started making dresses

for people at 14 years old.

“I opened a business, and we started manufacturing for some people in Motown people and some inhabitants of the white house.

It was a very pleasurable time. I had some really good timesw in California.”

Ledoux made his home in California for 56 years. After a serious bout of cancer, it put an end to his fashion career.

“We were making expensive executive suits, wedding gowns, Miss USA and Miss Universe gowns. After the overdose on chemotherapy

and radiation, I didn’t know who I was for two years, so I couldn’t pick up a needle and sewing machine if I had to.”

For about 12 years he’s been teaching art. He first started teaching his art at University of California, Los Angeles through

an extension program. His six children are his biggest inpsiration and are scattered throughout the United States. He was encouraged by his youngest son to come back to Louisiana.

Ledoux currently has works exhibited in

the lobby of the Capital One Tower and is open daily to the public for

viewing from

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. He wishes that his students will also have their

work shown in there as well.

Classes are held in suite 342 in Central School, 809 Kirby St. Classes cost $15 dollars per session, walk-ins are welcomed.

To sign up to secure a seat, email ledouxintl@gmail.com or call 337-244-8201.