Lake Charles native gets textbook published

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Norman German believes a glowing critique of his textbook “The Word on Words” earned him a publishing deal with Fudan University

Press in Shanghai, China.

“The Word on Words” was named one of Kirkus Review’s Best of 2011 books.

The Kirkus Review calls the “lively, informative and thoroughly beguiling” book both a “fun read” and a “serious textbook.”

“I think largely because of that, a press in China, of all places, bought a six-year copyright to it,” German said.

German said the book won’t be printed for another year.

“What I’m hoping is that in a country as big as China, it will do well and I’ll pay off the house with it,” German joked.

German, a Lake Charles native and part-time resident, is a professor at Southeastern Louisiana. He wrote four fiction novels

before first self-publishing the texbook.

He said he’s interested to see how the book is translated for use in China.

“I’ve been wondering myself, how in the

world they’re going to translate much of the book because much of it

involves different

kinds of puns and puns from Latin to English,” German said. “Their

Chinese is what’s called an idiogrammatic language — it’s

in characters, abstract characters, not alphabetic like ours, it’s

not phonetic.”