City considering selling land outright to Mardi Gras Boardwalk

By By Eric Cormier / American Press

Because of the long duration of

negotiations over a development agreement between Lake Charles City Hall

and Mardi Gras Boardwalk,

discussions between the two parties are venturing towards the

outright sale of nine-acres of land on the lakeshore in order

to move the development proposal forward.

Local attorney Brian Abshire told the Downtown Development Authority Monday that a purchase agreement could be completed more


Last year the City Council approved a measure that would allow Mardi Gras Boardwalk time to “put the whole project together

like getting condos purchased,” Abshire said.

Lots of legal paperwork has been completed, with some parts totaling 80 pages long, he said.

“And that has bogged down; there have

been a lot of changes and amendments in the legal work,” Abshire said.

“Rather than

go through all of that, the idea is to go straight to the purchase

agreement and deal with other issues after the purchase.”

Officials with Mardi Gras Boardwalk intend to pay more than $4 million for nine-acres of land along with the abandoned parking

garage that sits on the property.

The company intends to build a multi-million dollar entertainment and residential complex on the land.