Lake Area churches offering Spanish-language services

By By Kara Carrier / American Press

Some churches are catering to the

growing Hispanic community in the Lake Area by offering Spanish-language

services and outreach.

The Rev. D.B. Thompson, chaplain of the Hispanic Apostolate of the Diocese of Lake Charles, said that because of the growing

number of Spanish-speaking Catholics, the diocese began offering a Spanish-language Mass in 1994.

“Since its beginning, there has been a growing number of Hispanics who attend Masses and other community events at St. Henry

Parish or other Catholic parishes in the diocese,” Thompson said in an email. “This increase is no doubt due in large part

to the employment opportunities available in our area.”

St. Henry Catholic Church offers Mass

in Spanish at 12:30 p.m. each Sunday and at other times on feast days,

including the

annual Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration in December. Sacraments

and spiritual counseling are also offered in Spanish as needed.

In addition to the Mass, Thompson said,

St. Henry offers other events for Hispanic parishioners such as weekly


classes for adults and children, community pot-luck meals and an

annual Lenten retreat, and it even sponsors a couple of soccer


According to Thompson, the diocese is committed to offering opportunities to strengthen the encounter of Spanish-speaking

Catholics with Christ and the church.

“Each person ought to be able to

encounter God and to practice his faith wherever he may go,” Thompson

said. “As Catholics,

we are universal, the church that embraces people from the whole

globe and throughout 2,000 years of faith. Therefore, although

we have the same faith in every time and in every place, we

minister to Hispanics in Spanish in order to be a more effective

bridge to the encounter with Christ and the fullness of faith he

entrusted to the Catholic church.”

Jose Perez-Sanchez, the Hispanic pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, agrees. The church started offering services in Spanish

last January.

“There are a lot of Hispanics here in the community, and many of them speak limited English,” Perez-Sanchez said. “Our goal

is to be a bridge between the two cultures — Hispanic and American.”

Trinity Baptist Church has Spanish

service at 10:45 a.m. on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesday evenings.

Both services not

only have a message in Spanish but also have an English

interpreter — allowing mixed couples to attend church

together, Perez-Sanchez


Perez-Sanchez also agrees that the Hispanic community is growing. When Trinity Baptist Church started offering Spanish church

in January, about 25 people attended, he said. Now the church has about 80 people every Sunday.

Trinity plans to start offering English and Spanish classes in January so speakers of each language can communicate better

with one another.