Kinder students pay tribute to those who died at Sandy Hook

By By Doris Maricle / American Press

KINDER — Students at Kinder Elementary and Middle school deviated from their school uniforms Monday to pay tribute to the

victims and survivors of Friday’s school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Elementary students wore blue and yellow, the colors of Newton High School, while those in middle school wore green and white,

Sandy Hook Elementary School’s colors.

“We dressed to honor the victims of the school shooting in Connecticut because of the very sad, odd thing that happened,”

eighth-grader Patrick Comeaux said.

Being an administrator at an elementary school and a parent, the massacre really hit close to home, Kinder Elementary School

Assistant Principal Marla Sanders said.

“This is out of compassion and understanding for what they went through,” Sanders said. “Those students and their families

are suffering at this time, especially during the holidays.”

Students at both schools are also collecting monetary donations for the Sandy Hook Elementary School relief effort and middle

school students will draw pictures, write letters and send cards, according to Middle School Principal Tracey Odom.

“Our students are very caring and they have indirectly felt the impact of the situation,” Odom said. “They are learning to

help others.”

Eighth-grader Matthew Fontenot said he wanted to show his support to the victims and their families after watching news of

the event this weekend.

“It was really a sad moment for me and my family,” he said. “We were shocked, especially my grandfather who is a strong man,

he broke down and cried. It was a sad moment in our nation’s history.”

Counselors were available at both schools if students had questions or needed to talk, Sanders said.

“I just wanted to honor those who at Sandy Hook Elementary because I have several young cousins close to the age of those

killed,” eighth- grader Julia Williams said.

Both schools reviewed their crisis management plans on Monday.

“It’s been extremely emotional for everyone,” Sanders said. “I have tried to keep up with what is happening and at the same

time think about what we would do here if it happened here.”

“We have steps already in place and hope we never have to use them,” she continued. “ The safety of our students come first.”