KD’s serves up classics 24/7

By By Brad Robichaux / American Press

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat at a genuine diner?

Chain restaurants, fast food and local dives seem to have largely left the old-fashioned diner a rather rare breed in the


But if you’d like to experience what diners are all about, KD’s has it mastered, complete breakfast served all day, folks

wrapped around the corner bar deep in discussion and a video poker machine that chimes Handel’s “Hallelujah” melody rather

frequently during play.

There are even several signs and

decorations behind the bar that remind you that, just like at almost all

diners, you shouldn’t

cross the cranky fry cook (although thankfully I haven’t yet seen

what the wrath of the cooks at KD’s looks like, and I feel

confident it comes up very rarely, it is still a good idea to be

polite to all servers and cooks wherever you go).

It’s a real diner for real people, the kind of place where you can walk in, sit down at the bar, say “coffee” and get a hot

cup with no hassle.

KD’s is also one of the few places you can find still open for 24 straight hours. It’s been a stop of choice for me and some

of my college friends during a time in school when sleep didn’t usually happen until the sun started rising.

Diners like KD’s are places that

welcome folks from all walks of life since not only do they offer quick

and made-to-order

food, but also a place to socailize at any time of the day or

night. It wouldn’t be surprising to walk in and find among the

patrons folks dressed in business casual eating something quick on

their break, a group of men hanging out at the counter

like regulars, a young couple keeping to themselves in a booth or a

mother taking her young daughter out for lunch.

If you want good, hot food or a place to talk with friends, KD’s can deliver.

As expected, KD’s comes with typical diner selections, everything from omelets and pancakes to po’boys and burgers. Specials

are served daily; chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn was offered one day I’d gone recently.

I’d gotten a po’boy, the KD Special,

which comes with turkey, ham and particularly flavorful roast beef,

lettuce, tomato and

mayo with a bag of chips and a dill pickle spear. You can get

either a whole or a half, the half coming out roughly six inches

in length.

As a diner sandwich, naturally it was delicious. The sandwich was also a little messy, but this is often a consequence of

a particularly good sandwich. A generous supply of napkins on the tables will help you look presentable again.

Ask how much the appetizers serve before you get them, though. I’d gotten a bowl of simple beef nachos but I couldn’t finish

them before my sandwich came out due to the generous portion, which made me suspect they were meant to be shared.

The po’boy along with the nachos and a soft drink, came out to $15.34. Without an appetizer, the price should be excellent

for the quality of the sandwich you get.

Come in with friends, or come in for the food, it doesn’t matter. KD’s doors are always open.