Sharon Wilson wins 14th Judicial District Court seat

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

There was a celebratory mood as election results rolled in Saturday night at Goosport Community Center, where Sharon Wilson’s

supporters gathered.

Wilson, who led from the first numbers released, handily won the Division F judge’s seat in the 14th Judicial District Court.

With 68 percent of the vote (3,208), Wilson became the first black female judge elected to 14th Judicial District Court. Michael

Ned finished second with 21 percent (974), and Derrick Kee finished third with 12 percent (548).

“I am very excited, I am very grateful to the voters and I look forward to serving the people of Calcasieu Parish,” Wilson


Wilson replaces Judge Wilford Carter, who retired in October. Carter was at Wilson’s headquarters Saturday night. Richard

Wilson has served as interim judge since October.

Wilson also ran for a judgeship in 2008, losing to Ron Ware.

“I wanted to serve, and I said that on the campaign trail,” she said. “Calcasieu has been good to me, Lake Charles has been

good to me and this is a way I can give back.”

Sharon Wilson called the race “well-fought,” saying she respected both her opponents.

“I think all the candidates did a very good job and ran a very good campaign,” Ned said. “The people have spoken, and I respect

that and it’s a very good thing to have the first African-American female judge.”

“I think we got a good message out to the people,” Kee said. “But most importantly, I want to congratulate Sharon Wilson on

her historic election.”

Because Carter retired midterm, she will have to seek re-election in the fall.

Ned and Kee said they would make a decision at a later date whether to enter that election.