Joslin: LSU reels in victory on Toledo

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

Hello, anglers.

Winds have been a huge factor on area lakes the past few days and weather reports don’t show much relief until late this week.

Even so there were several tournaments last weekend, including the FLW college event on Toledo Bend.

As we have been writing about for the

past couple of years, the growth of organized bass fishing on the

college level has

been impressive to say the least. According to FLW reports, the

LSU team of Richard Murdock and Beau Hadskey won the FLW College

Fishing Southern Conference tournament on Saturday with five bass

weighing 20 pounds, 13 ounces. The victory earned the club

$2,000 and advanced the team to the FLW College Fishing Southern

Conference Invitational tournament.

“Last weekend my partner and I had some

really good pre-fishing action going,” said Hadskey, a petroleum

engineering major.

“We were fishing up north and catching them pretty good. But today

there were waves out there that were 4-feet tall. We chose

to stay down on the south end of the lake where it was calmer and

ended up doing all of our fishing between Mill Creek and

Six Mile.”

Hadskey said they caught all of their fish in 6 feet of water or less while swimming a jig and using a lipless crankbait.

McNeese State’s team of Ty Griffin and Andrew Gary had a top-five finish while finishing in fourth place with 14 pounds, 8

ounces ($500), while another LSU team of Brett Matherne and Logan Mount finished fifth with 12 pounds, 13 ounces ($500).

Lake conditions

The lake level has fallen slightly and stands at 169.08 feet at midweek with one generator running 24 hours.

Water surface temperatures have been almost unchanged for about a week from 54-58 degrees with north Toledo stained, midlake

slightly stained to clear and south Toledo clear to very clear.

Fishing report

BASS: Bunches

of bass are in shallow water 8 feet or less. Rat-L-Traps and

spinnerbaits have been two effective baits with specific

Trap colors being Toledo Gold, Cherry Bomb and Rayburn Red in

low-light conditions and chrome-and-black and chrome-and-blue

on bright days.

The best spinnerbaits in clear water

with grass have been Stanley’s double willowleaf blades with one of the

blades gold-and-copper

plus shad colored skirts with white-and-chartreuse.

Depending on how active the bass are on a given day, the retrieve or presentation can be from very fast to a slow yo-yo with

frequent pauses.

There are also occasions when bass will

not hit moving lures. Those times call for something slow in order to

leave baits

in the strike zone as long as possible. A weightless presentation

with Gulp! Sinking Minnow, Kandi Stik or Senko can be very

productive during such situations and these can all be rigged

several ways, including Texas weightless, Wacky or split shot.

All three can be super productive depending on the nature and

characteristics of the cover (grass or brush) and how the fish

are relating to that cover. Most of the time it takes a little

experimentation to establish a pattern.

Another pattern where we are being successful is the outside edge of the grass line on the southern end of the lake. Pirates

Cove (Toro), Six Mile/Sandy, Mill and Clear Creek. Housen and Hurricane creeks as well as Indian and Buck creeks all have

excellent submerged grass. So do areas around Texas and Louisiana Islands so there is no shortage of grass down south.

As a matter of fact, I have some areas

that I avoid that have too much grass and have been more successful in

those areas

with scattered grass where you can get your light-weighted bait

down to the fish. Later in the year these thick grassy areas

will be good cover to fish, but currently I look for scattered


Remember what we talked about last week

concerning the four areas bass are using — the shoreline, inside grass

line, outside

grass line and on top of the main grass line? Much of the success

of this spring’s fishing on the southern end of the lake

will be determined on how anglers approach those four areas and

making adjustments while going from one to the other as conditions


There still are bass in deep water with

Stanley Bugeye football jig and Carolina rigs catching fish in 18-30

feet on main

lake points and ridges. We also continue to catch bass on

drop-shot using Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper Jr. in shady watermelon

candy and green pumpkin. We continue to have a jigging spoon tied

on and some days it remains productive but we are not using

it as much as past weeks.

CRAPPIE AND YELLOW BASS: Crappie are moving to shallow water and anglers are catching up creeks and under bridges both day time as well as after dark

with crappie lights and lanterns using live shiners.

Those who have docks with medium to deep water are also catching them. Yellows are getting ready to spawn and can be found

on edge of creeks and the river using spoons and tailspinners such as Norman’s Knock Off and Little George (Mann’s).

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Joe Joslin

is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on

Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn. His column appears Thursdays.

Contact him at 463-3848 or or visit