Joslin: Bass head to deeper water when skies are bright

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

Hello, anglers.

It has been fun to be

on The Bend these past weeks and the next few weeks looks to be more of

the same and

could be even better as cooler days become the norm.

We are

starting to see a slight color change with the foliage and when

you are out on the main lake the view is not obstructed at all.


Lake conditions

The lake level is 168.17 feet with both generators shut down. This is a change as one unit has been running 24/7 for the past

2-3 weeks.

Water surface temperatures are 73-76

degrees, which is a slight drop and this trend will continue based on

future weather

forecasts. The entire lake has good water conditions with north

Toledo slightly stained, midlake mostly clear and very clear

down south.

A word of caution is to keep a heads-up for floaters in the boat lanes as there are more than normal on the main lake and

many are large.

Fishing reports

BASS: The manner in which we have been catching bass the past several days has not changed a great deal since last week. However,

we may have spent a little more time in deep water recently since we have had a lot of bright skies.

Multiple patterns and depths continue

to be the norm, which does keep things interesting. At least half of our

bass are coming

off submerged grass which we are targeting with Top Water (Pro

Pop, Yellow Magic and Chug Bug) as well as buzz baits and Stanley

Vibra-Wedge double willowleaf spinnerbaits. In addition, some days

we are working Stanley’s Swim-Max jigs in the grass.

We are also attacking the outside edge of the grass from 10-20 feet with

Texas rigs, wacky rigs and crankbaits.

Our Texas rigs are getting Trick Worms, Berkley’s Havoc Bottom Hopper

and Rocket Craw

with best color on Bottom Hopper being shady watermelon candy and

Rocket Craw is watermelon purple. On our wacky rigs we like

5-inch Senkos and Bottom Hoppers and work the outside edge of

grass lines.

When we go deep we use a 10-inch Power

Worm (Berkley)-rigged Texas, deep-diving crankbait (Norman’s DD22) and

drop-shot using

a Bottom Hopper Jr. (4.75 inch). These multiple patterns have been

successful for us for several weeks and still are producing

good numbers as well as quality bass for us.

CRAPPIE/YELLOW BASS: Crappie fishermen are still catching enough for fish fries but the fishing has not been outstanding. The best catches are

coming from deep piers with brush as well as brush piles built on points and edge of drop-offs. Both shiners and jigs are


One of my neighbors on the south end

(Indian Creek) has 20-22 feet of water under his dock and is catching

10-15 nice crappie

each day using jigs. Yellow bass are active and are in the main

creeks chasing schools of shad. There is so much bait in all

major creeks. A spoon, tailspinner (Norman knock-off) and quarter-

and half-ounce Rat-L-Trap are all catching a mixture of

largemouth, spotted bass, yellow bass and a few whites.

Aba tournament

American Bass Anglers District 45 is

back after taking a year off. This year’s schedule will feature seven

events — Oct. 28,

Nov. 11, Dec. 2, Jan. 6, Feb. 10, March 30, March 31 — on Toledo

Bend. Contact local tournament organizer Travis Merritt at

240-3332 or visit for more



Joe Joslin

is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on

Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn. His column appears Thursdays.

Contact him at 463-3848 or or visit