Joslin: Serene scenes around The Bend

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

Hello, anglers.

It was another outstanding week on The Bend with mild days, cool nights and some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets

you could hope to see anywhere.

We are still seeing high numbers of ducks and the bald eagles are so very active with the cooler weather. The eagles are also

very vocal with lots of chirping and screeching. Their sound is very unusual, like no other.

Possibly the best thing about the past week is that we caught more fish than we have since last spring and this week looks

to be just as good or better. The daytime weather has been very comfortable with lows in the 50s and daytime highs in the

upper 70s to low 80s.

Lake Conditions

Water temperatures and the lake level

are both edging downward as water temps are running form 74-78 degrees

with the lake

level at 168.7 feet, or 3.3 feet below full pool, which is about

normal for October. One generator is running 24/7 until further

notice with a discharge of 7,850 cubic feet per second.

The last weather system with very strong winds moved some huge floaters around with several of these ending up in various

boat lanes. Boaters are warned to make sure they have enough light to run safely and to remain alert. I would not assume a

boat lane is safe simply because you ran it last week. Other than some floaters moving around, the lake is in great shape.

Fishing Reports

BASS: Multiple

patterns are still in place, but it seems we are finding the bass

somewhat more concentrated over the past week.

We did catch increased numbers of bass on spinnerbaits plus

weightless soft plastics also got some attention with the extra

foot of water over the grass in 2-16 feet.

Also in the grass we have been working a 1/4-ounce as well as 3/8-ounce Stanley Vibra-Wedge spinnerbait with double willowleaf

blades. I prefer one of the two blades to be gold and copper and the other silver and nickle.

There is a new series from Stanley call the Vibra Shaft Painted Blade Series and we have had good success with it. The series

has matching paint on the blades, lure and skirt.

We have caught a lot of fish on the LSU

color, which is my personal favorite of the new series. The official

code color of

the LSU color is actually called Royal Purple. Both Toledo and

Rayburn’s seem to like it, plus the 3/8-ounce version is not

a big bait and should work great in some of our local rivers.

Topwater patterns are also working with Pro Pop (Norman), Chug Bug and Yellow Magic all catching bass in shad colors, bone

and black and silver. All of these three baits have one thing in common: a teaser tail, which in my book is a must.

A Texas rig continues to be one of the most consistent producers for us over the past SIX weeks with Berkley Havoc’s Bottom

Hopper, Rocket Craw and Trick Worm being our top soft plastics.

I am very particular when it comes to rigging the Texas rig as we are using 15- and 17-pound test Berkley Trilene 100 percent

fluorocarbon, a light sinker from 1/8 to 1/4 ounce depending on conditions. We are also using a Daiichi 2/0 or 3/0 Offset

Worm Hook with these soft plastics.

The water we are fishing is ultra clear so a small profile hook hardware seems to get me more bites and the high-carbon Daiichi

hooks are thin, yet strong and ultra sharp.

On windy days we are throwing DD22s

(deep crankbaits) as there are a lot of bass suspended and the DD22s can

cover a lot of

area. Yes, we continue to use a drop-shot and jigging spoon with

Havoc Bottom Hopper Jr. (4.75 inch) our only drop-shot worm.

CRAPPIE/YELLOW AND WHITE BASS: Crappie slowed a bit with the recent front with winds keeping most crappie anglers off their brush piles.

Some of the crappie are starting to move to main creeks and channels as well as deeper points. We have started to catch a

few on spoons as we are fishing for bass as a lot of the shad are moving deeper.

Yellow and white bass are also moving deeper following the shad and have been hitting spoons and tailspinners such as Knock

Off (Norman) and Little George.


Joe Joslin

is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on

Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn. His column appears Thursdays.

Contact him at 463-3848 or or visit