Itinerant Theatre brings pioneering women of words to life

By By Jordan Gribble / Special to the American Press

A local playwright and member of the

Itinerant Theatre troupe says that her group fills a void in the world

of local theater

in that it concerns itself with bringing back immediacy to the art

form by presenting productions in a variety of locations.

The Itinerant Theatre will stage a production of monologues, “The Writers-Maggie, Kate and Rosa” at the Gibson Barham Gallery

of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 9 and 10. Tickets for the production will be $10

a person and can be purchased at the door before the show, online at or by phone at 337-436-6275.

The performance will be the group’s

third since its inception a year ago and will not take place on a stage,

which is typical

for most productions — something that the writer of the pieces

being performed says is an exciting new approach to local theater.

“We’re itinerant, we live in my office,

a filing cabinet and in our hearts. We are about building an audience,

not about building

buildings,” Playwright, Carolyn Woosley said. “We want to teach

people about the immediacy of the theater. There’s nothing

like being able to tell a story and interpret the events, issues

and crises of an era live with people sitting right there,

close up where they can experience the art.”

Part of a 13 play cycle by Woosley

entitled “Louisiana Women”, “The Writers”, focuses on important female

writers both nationally

and locally known. Split into three monologues the performance

will spotlight the stories of Maggie Dixon, Rosa Hart and Kate


“They were the first in their fields,

Margaret Dixon was the first female managing editor of a major

periodical in America

and was able to create mental health reform with her writing. Kate

Chopin explored Taboo subjects in an eloquent writing style.

Rosa Hart was a budding Jewish intellectual from Lake Charles who

went on to create the Lake Charles Little Theatre and work

as an ad writer,” Woosley said. “They’re all writers, and lovers

of the power of the pen. Ultimately this isn’t about women,

it’s about everyone.”

Joy Pace will star as both Margaret “Maggie” Dixon and Rosa Hart, while Donna Rigdon Jones will portray Kate Chopin.