Inmate faces manslaughter charge in fatal flight

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A man who authorities say killed an inmate during a fight in the Calcasieu Correctional Center in July was indicted Thursday

on a charge of manslaughter.

Shahron Anthony Prater, 41, killed 35-year-old Damon Lee Jones during a “brief altercation” in the jail on July 26, Sheriff

Tony Mancuso said last year.

Authorities initially believed Jones

instigated the fight, picking up a mop bucket. After further

investigation, authorities

now believe Prater was the aggressor, according to information

provided by Kim Myers, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

Witnesses’ statements varied, but according to most of the witnesses, Prater slapped Jones during an argument, according to

the information provided by Myers.

Jones, who was smaller than Prater, went to call for help on an intercom; when he saw Prater following him, he picked up the

mop bucket. Prater then punched Jones, who fell and hit his head.

No video was available, but about 35 witness statements were taken, authorities said in July.

The incident happened on a Friday afternoon, and Jones died Saturday morning.

When the fight happened, Prater had been in jail for more than a month on charges of contempt of court and resisting an officer.

Prater has remained in jail since the incident.

Jones was in jail for criminal mischief, possession of stolen things over $500 and contempt of court. The Port Arthur, Texas,

man was also being held on a detainer from Texas.

Two men alleged to have robbed a Domino’s Pizza on Nov. 7 were also indicted Thursday. John Henry Baker, 42, and Freddie Lee

Bryant, 23, are charged with armed robbery and armed robbery with a firearm.