Informer: Savoy’s contract runs two years; salary $153K

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

What is Calcasieu Parish School Superintendent Wayne Savoy’s salary, and how long is the term of his contract?

Savoy, whose contract was renewed at the end of 2012, this year will be paid $153,737, said Kirby Smith, spokeswoman for the

Calcasieu school system.

The contract, which runs for two years, set his salary at $150,723, but a Consumer Price Index-based cost-of-living adjustment

added later boosted it to the current amount, she said.

“The CPI is figured at the end of each calendar year. The CPI increase for 2013 is the result of the 2012 CPI, and was carried

over from Mr. Savoy’s previous contract,” Smith wrote in an email.

“The salary amount listed in his current contract is correct and does not reflect the 2012 increase because it began on Jan.

1. The CPI increase from his previous contract started at the end of January 2013.”

The current contract allows for a CPI increase — of no more than 2 percent of the salary amount — beginning in January 2014,

and it says additional raises may be given at the discretion of the School Board, based on Savoy’s job performance.

According to the document, any performance-based raise “may, but need not necessarily, be based upon the Board’s evaluation

of the Superintendent’s performance in relation to the objectives and targets” listed in the contract.

Those objectives:

• Development of Plans for Improvement of community relations and involvement of all communities served by CPSB.”

• “Development of a school visitation and involvement plan at all levels

within the school system and within individual schools

so that all school staff will be aware of the interest of the

School Board and the Superintendent in the performance of each

individual school.”

• “The Superintendent shall promote fiscal responsibility and awareness by developing a written information sharing plan along

with periodic statements of revenue and expenditure status and predictions.”

• “Development of and presentation to the Board of plans for improvement

of the educational attainment levels of students of

this school system. Such plans shall address, among other items,

what additional resources and supervision may be needed by

lower performing schools.”

In September 2012, some members of a School Board contract committee wondered whether the superintendent should be paid more.

But Savoy told them he didn’t want a raise.

“I’m fine where I’m at. I want to thank you folks for thinking that the position needs to have more money, but I’m fine,”

Savoy told the committee, according to an American Press story published Sept. 7, 2012.

“I don’t want this to be an issue. If we’re going to give money to somebody, give it to teachers and the people that are in

there every day. I’m making a good salary.”


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