Informer: Sasol says it has no plans to expand west of Evergreen

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

A map of Sasol’s project plot plan indicates the company’s expansion from Evergreen Road eastward. Are there any plans to

expand west of Evergreen Road? If not, then why are residents west of that location being made offers for their property?

Sasol has no plans to build permanent facilities to the west of Evergreen Road, said Mike Hayes, the company’s public affairs

manager for U.S. megaprojects.

The map the reader refers to features two gray-shaded areas to the east of Evergreen’s southwestern leg — one just north of

Wallace Road and the other to the west of Hardey Road and the Kansas City Southern rail line.

Hayes said Friday that workers may use the first area as a source of clay for construction and that the second will serve

as a storage and staging area for equipment.

When Sasol’s Voluntary Property Purchase Program was announced in July, Hayes told American Press Staff Writer Frank DiCesare that the company had already bought the property it needs for its plant expansion.

“This program is not about acquiring property,” Hayes said then. “It’s about providing our neighbors the opportunity to move.”

He said the expanded facility would be brighter and noisier than the current one is and that work there would be “visually

intrusive” to nearby residents.


Teacher supplement to go out in October

I’ve been reading about the money that the state awarded for certified teachers to be distributed in the parishes. When will

Calcasieu Parish distribute its money?

“For 2013, we will distribute a one-time salary supplement from the state at the end of October,” Karl Bruchhaus, Calcasieu

school system chief financial officer, wrote in an email.

“We will determine the amount of the stipend at the Sept. 24 budget meeting. Per state instructions, the amount will be no

less than $561.”

He said the performance and demand

stipends will be paid according to the School Board’s salary schedule,

which says the disbursements

will be added to teachers’ October paychecks.

Those stipends will be based half on the previous year’s performance and half on demand, with Highly Effective-rated teachers

getting $300, Effective-Proficient teachers receiving $250 and those rated Effective-Emerging receiving $200.

“Demand,” according to Act 1 of 2012, is an accounting of “area of certification, particular school need, geographic area,

and subject area” and “may include advanced degree levels.”

Teachers rated ineffective will receive no evaluation stipend.


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