Jeff Davis landfill has decades of life remaining

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

At the present rate that the landfill in Jeff Davis Parish is being used, how much longer do they have before they have to

shut down?

According to a Jeff Davis Parish Landfill Commission report filed last year with the state Department of Environmental Quality,

the landfill has an estimated remaining life of 26 years.

The reckoning is based on the landfill’s remaining capacity, which the report lists as 9,042,070 cubic yards, or just under

half its permitted capacity.

But Daniel Hylton, landfill director, said the site has land that can be included in its permit in the future, increasing

its capacity and prolonging its life. The landfill, he said, will be around for “probably 50 years.”

The commission’s 2012 report listed unpermitted capacity at 8 million cubic yards.

According to the commission’s latest

report, filed with DEQ in September, the landfill used 371,090 cubic

yards from July

1, 2012, to June 30, 2013. A cubic yard is equivalent to 0.921 wet

tons, which is what the report measures waste quantities


The year’s haul of municipal waste included about 122,942 wet tons of residential waste; 169,966 wet tons of commercial waste;

4,488 wet tons of trash; and 1,581 wet tons of domestic sewage sludge. The total was 329,197 wet tons. The report says the

landfill also handled 13,798 tons of industrial solid waste.

Amount of municipal waste, measured in

tons, the landfill has handled each year from 1988, when it opened,

through 2012, according

to landfill commission documents:

1988-1989 — 16,762.

1989-1990 — 129,843.

1990-1991 — 250,929.

1991-1992 — 296,259.

1992-1993 — 225,392.

1993-1994 — 320,644.

1995-1996 — 323,368.

1996-1997 — 300,356.

1997-1998 — 330,724.

1998-1999 — 341,491.

1999-2000 — 289,477.

2000-2001 — 335,931.

2001-2002 — 300,797.

2002-2003 — 306,540.

2003-2004 — 320,702.

2004-2005 — 296,461.

2005-2006 — 361,665.

2006-2007 — 299,358.

2007-2008 — 270,846.

2008-2009 — 263,779.

2009-2010 — 310,889.

2010-2011 — 302,375.

2011-2012 — 364,171.


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As lagniappe, The Informer will explain how it found today’s information. In the case of the above question, The Informer

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of empty boxes and lists. To find the above information, The Informer

first looked up

the landfill commission’s AI, or Agency Interest, number by

clicking “Lookup AI” and running a search for Welsh under


Using the AI number — in this

case, 12389 — The Informer then selected “Solid Waste” from the “Media”

section; “Reports” from the “Document Type” section;

and “Annual” from the “Document Subtype” section. That returned a

list of annual disposal reports dating back 10 years or


The pre-2004 data listed above came

from a landfill commission report The Informer found on the website of

the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency.


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