CPSO: Deputies consistently receive pay raises

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

How often do Calcasieu sheriff’s deputies receive a raise, and when was the last time they received a raise?

Deputies consistently receive raises, said Kim Myers, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

“The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office has a pay plan which assures deputies a pay raise every three years from their date

of employment based on their salary,” she wrote in an email.

“This equates to an approximate 3 percent raise per year — in some cases, a little more depending on their tenure.”

Online: www.cpso.com.

Using used motor oil as pesticide illegal

I was informed that once I change my motor oil in my vehicle that I should use that oil and put it around my foundation to

stop the termites. Isn’t this against the law?


Used motor oil do’s and don’ts from the state Department of Environmental Quality’s website:

Don’t dispose of used motor oil on the ground; in ditches, waterways or storm sewers; or household trash.

Don’t mix used motor oil with anything else — gasoline, solvents, pesticides.

Transfer used motor oil to leak-proof plastic containers with firm-fitting screw-on tops.

Check with gas stations, garages and oil change shops to see if they’ll take your used oil.

“Each month more than 16 million gallons of used oil is disposed improperly,” reads the website. “That is more than was lost

by the Exxon Valdez super-tanker off the coast of Alaska.”

Online: www.deq.louisiana.gov.

Housing project subject of request

A zoning meeting for the property at Big Lake Road and Tank Farm Road was set for Jan. 13. I was informed the meeting was

postponed until a later date, but the sign remains the same with no updated information.

When is the meeting and what is the proposed commercial building they are wanting to place there?

City officials said the zoning request, which was deferred, was for a workforce housing project and that the applicant was

supposed to remove the sign.

They said the sign would be removed and that a new, updated one would be put up if the applicant chose to move ahead with

the request.

Online: www.cityoflakecharles.com.