Report errant deer to LC Regional security

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

Who do I call about the deer being on the south end of the municipal airport? If the deer run out on the strip, someone could

get killed.

Call airport security officials at

912-0391 “at any hour,” said Heath Allen, executive director of Lake

Charles Regional Airport.

“The airport recently completed a wildlife assessment of the airport and surrounding areas. As a result of the assessment,

we have instituted a robust wildlife management plan,” Allen wrote in an email.

“This plan includes various capital projects designed to eliminate access to the air operations area by wildlife and reduce

their habitats. The plan also provides for the management and mitigation of observed wildlife hazards.”

The airport will replace its perimeter fence in phases, beginning with the section on the south side and continuing around

as money becomes available, he said.

The new fence will thwart the attempts of both deer and burrowing mammals to access the airport, he said.

“We welcome and appreciate vigilance on the part of the public in reporting any issue that they feel may be a concern relating

to life safety,” Allen said.


Code says trash cans can’t stay out all week

Is it legal for Lake Charles residents to leave their trash cans out all week?


“Container and other items shall be so

placed for removal before the hour of 7:00 a.m., on the days of

collection, except

that the containers and items may be placed out during the evening

preceding the day of collection, and such containers shall

be removed no later than 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection,”

reads Section 9-5 of the city code.


LDWF maintains list of animal operators

Who would a homeowner contact about removal of bats from a private residence? Local pest control services are of little help.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries maintains a list of nuisance animal control operators. It includes the

species the operators handle — and the ones they don’t — and the parishes they work.

The following are the area operators who are listed as handling all species — with no listed exceptions — along with the area

parishes they work and their phone numbers:

Johnny Ashworth of Oakdale — statewide; 318-306-0070.

Matthew Fontenot of Jennings — Cameron and Jeff Davis; 337-368-9516.

Daniel Soileau of Eunice — Allen and Jeff Davis; 337-466-3466, 337-305-0777.


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