Informer: Uneaten restaurant chips, salsa not reusable

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

When I eat at a Mexican food restaurant the server always brings in hot sauce and chips, and I only eat a small amount. If they’re not eaten, are they topped off and served to the next customer?

Sauce and the chips that have been served but go uneaten or unused must still be discarded, according to the state’s sanitary code.

From the code:

Once served to a consumer, portions of left-over food shall not be reserved, except:

1. food that is not potentially hazardous, such as crackers and condiments, in an unopened original package and maintained in sound condition may be reserved or resold;

2. food that is dispensed so that it is protected from contamination and the container is closed between uses, such as a narrow-neck bottle containing catsup, steak sauce, or wine.


Application for bricks available online


the paper the other day I saw there was a phone number that you could

get to to find out about the blocks that they’re

putting in the memorial. I have one in there for may husband. I

have a friend whose father was in the military, and he would

like to get a block for him. I don’t know what happened to that

paper, but if you could give some information, I’d appreciate


To order a brick to be engraved and placed at Veterans Memorial Park, call Jennifer Graham at 491-1256 or Scott Raymond at


The cost is $50.

According to the memorial brick

application — which is available online — it takes four to eight weeks

to process requests

and six to eight weeks more for the bricks to be engraved. After a

brick is placed at the park, the city will mail a certificate

of ownership to the buyer.

“Veterans must be honorably discharged or serving honorably on active duty, National Guard or Reserves. Veterans may qualify

to have a brick in one or more categories and conflicts. One name per brick. …,” reads the application.

“If false statements are made regarding eligibility, the brick may be removed and the money forfeited.”


DOTD asks lot owner to move automobiles

When is the DOTD going to get these used car lots off of state right of ways on La. 108 in Sulphur? It’s a traffic hazard, and it’s illegal. They even have a car wash partially built on state right of way.

“Our crews have spoken with the owner at the car lot, and he has been asked to remove the vehicles off state right of way,” Deidra Druilhet, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation and Development, wrote in an email.

“We will follow-up with the owner after the holiday to ensure compliance.”


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